Find your dream job at Revolgy. Work in a cloud company, where we value our people just as much as our customers. We offer space to grow and succeed while having fun. You'll love it here!

Perks of working at revolgy

Working here is more than just stereotypical everyday struggle. Our work gives us purpose and impacts the society as a whole. We implement cloud technologies that help people in all aspects of life. We care deeply about the personal growth of people who work with us. This is why we'll make sure to give you opportunities to learn new things, grow your career, but also rest when you need to.

We care about your success

We have an open door policy here. You can speak to anyone, about anything candidly, no matter whether it's a colleague in your team or our CEO Mirek. We're always ready to help each-other out and meet everyone's needs to the best of our abilities. We enjoy sharing our professional know-how during internal “lightning talks” or public meet-ups that we organise regularly. We talk about what works and doesn't work for you or the company. We also work with Clifton Strenght's methodology by Gallup to discover our strengths and talents and work with qualified coaches to interpret and develop them further.

We follow our goals

You will work for a mature company with a long history. We celebrated our 25th birthday this year. We know what it takes to get to the top and stay there. Our goal is to help companies work better with the use of cloud technologies, so that they have more time to focus on developing their business. We're backed on this mission by our partners Google and Amazon. We were the first cloud services provider on the Czech market, and pioneers in cloud migration of businesses such as the biggest Czech financial institution with thousands of employees and millions of customers. We teach businesses that digitalisation is way more than just scanning documents and manuals.

Career growth

You will get a chance to work with people from the best international corporations and startups. You'll visit famous conferences (Google Cloud Next US, Amazon Re:Invent, Kubecon, etc.) and exchange experiences with experienced professionals in the field of cloud computing.

Some of the companies you'll be working with are

Who will your colleagues be

At the moment, there's 50+ of us and we are continuously growing. The average age amongst Revolgians is 32. You won't see a directive leadership or micro-management here. Our team is made of strong individuals who each bring something else to the table. We respect each-other on a professional and personal level and this is why we're so effective as a team


We value candor, individual approach, willingness to deal with any challenge that we're faced with and eagerness to look for new ways to improve our services. We work in small teams on a variety of projects. We celebrate our achievements and take ownership of our failures as a team.

Matej holds the customer success team flag proudly across all teams. When he doesn't listen to our customers with a dose of his unrelenting empathy, or does not improve the internal functioning of the company, he certainly creates another series of legendary memes.

Matej Bača

Customer Success Manager

Revolgy IRL (in real life)

You'll be joining one of these guilds:

Customer Success

"We build, maintain, and expand relationships with our clients. We make sure that we are their side-kick on the road to achieving goals."

Jaroslav Machaň, Chief Customer Officer


“Our goal is to deliver our clients the best solutions for their cloud architecture and provide them with perfect cloud services.”

Michal Režnický, Delivery team leader


"Our 2000 clients from 36 countries and colleagues of various nationalities bring us new tax and accounting challenges every day."

Vladana Štefková, Chief Finance Officer

Google Workspace

"We ensure a smooth technical deployment of Google Workspace, so that all users can get the most out of the benefits.”

Jakub Jan Kučera, GW team leader


“We make sure anyone who might need Revolgy, can find us easily. On the internet, social media, events and everywhere else.”

Petr Makovec, Chief Marketing Officer


"We take care of the smooth operation of our customers' infrastructure and we are here for them in case of any questions."

Tomáš Kryst, Operations team leader

People Success

"We are creating the best possible environment in which Revolgians can focus on working with high added value and growing together."

Tereza Háčková, Chief People Officer


"Our goal isn't just to close deals. We thrive when we can solve real problems of our customers and exceed their expectations. ”

Štěpán Kaiser, Chief Sales officer

Our values


We enjoy working together and we want our customers to enjoy working with us as well.


Every day we try to improve and bring a new innovative solution that will simplify the work of our customers.

Exceeding expectations

Unless we fully meet our clients expectations and go the extra mile, we don't consider our work to be done well.


Planning is important. But plans often fail. This is why we try to stay agile in our processes as well as our mindset.

Who do we look for?

At Revolgy there's always space for people who aren't scared to take charge. We're looking for people who are self-confident enough to make an important decision, but humble enough to never stop learning and developing their skills. People, who put our customers and their success first, and always look for ways to help them even better.


Our culture can be summed up in two sentences: “Give it a try first, you can always apologise later. When someone throws down a gauntlet, pick it up and simply start”. No one is parked at the “I-don't-know-how-so-I-wait” station. At Revolgy, we face our challenges. If a pipe breaks at your apartment you wouldn't wait for a plumber to turn the water off. You'd simply figure out where the stop valve is. Instructions on how to fix your plumbing are one Google search away, right next to a whole bunch of tutorials on how to link the containers on an app. It isn't a place for people who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

The hiring process step by step:

It is important for us to choose the right new colleague, so we pay due attention to our choice. During our hiring process, we want you to meet as many people as possible. Thanks to this, you can better picture yourself in Revolgy. When we see fit, our recruitment process is already a form of onboarding.

Open positions

Cloud Engineer - Amazon Web Services



Cloud Engineer - Google Cloud Platform



Sales Representative CZ/SK




Sales Representative Public Sector CZ/SK

Senior Cloud Operations Engineer




Vendor Manager




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