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Whether you are building a cloud-native app from scratch or need to migrate it from the monolith to microservices, we can help you through the entire process. From consulting, building a POC to seamless switch.

Cost optimisation

We understand that “cheaper” doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. When it comes to cloud, total cost of ownership is often a completely different story. As certified partners of both biggest global cloud providers (Google and AWS) we can help you pick the right solutions for your specific use case and make sure you stay within your budget.

Online communication

The way we work is changing dramatically. Reliable solutions for online communication and collaboration are a must have for every company. At revolgy we can help you analyse your processes and pick the best tools that work for you. We take care of both - the technological and human aspect of your digital transformation seamlessly guiding your team through the entire process. We make your employees excited for the change

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Some of our happy clients in the Baltics

Our team in the Baltics

Štěpán Kaiser

He's enthusiastic about identifying the right solutions that will help you grow your business in the cloud. Whether you want to optimise the total cost of ownership of your infrastructure, move your app from legacy systems to the cloud, implement tools for remote work in your company or get advice on building custom solution for your specific use case he know the right people for the job. Together with a team of specialists from Google, Amazon and professional Cloud Architects at Revolgy he’ll make sure your journey through the cloud exceeds your expectations.

Kristjan Jõgiste

Your local sherpa for your cloud journey. Being an entrepreneur with 14 years of experience and a proven track record of success, he truly understand the business needs of our clients. When it comes to scaling and growth hacking he is your man. Kristjan is deeply interested in finding the most complicated problems and bottlenecks behind your businesses to find new ways to solve them with the help of digital transformation and cloud solutions.

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