Google Apps: Innovation in a highly competitive environment

On March 5th we have changed our business name to Revolgy. The name Netmail used in the following text is our previous name.

Business description

OGILVY is an international advertising, marketing and public relations agency based in Manhattan (New York). The agency provides an integrated approach through different disciplines (TV and print advertisement, OOH, PR, Digital, etc.) with aim to build, amplify and maintain brands of its clients. OGILVY is one of the largest PR networks in the world and is ranked as the most effective advertising agency by the EFFIE organization (globally recognized award for the best advertisers). OGILVY has won many international and local awards in advertising competitions and helped to build and change image of many globally well-known brands.


“We are able to cover a broad spectrum of communication disciplines based on the needs of our clients. We can deliver ‘360 Degree Branding’ either as a whole service or only a part of it. It always depends on the client.” Karel Smrž, Business Director, OGILVYOne

OGILVY has a total of 497 offices across 125 countries with approximately 40 000 employees around the world. In the Czech Republic, the agency operates through eight independent practices, located in Prague and Brno.

A common practice in OGILVY is to commute to clients´ local offices. This requires constant access to e-mail, shared calendars and all relevant data. The vast majority of OGILVY employees are standard internet users, experienced in traditional office tools such as e-mail, Word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. They are not forced to switch for any upgraded software, unless their assignment requires otherwise. Creative departments however use graphics and other specialized software.

The Challenge

“There is big competition in PR branch and our company needs to contest for each new contract.” Karel Smrž, Business Director, OGILVYOne

The increasing competitiveness in advertising and communication industry was the point when OGILVY started to look for new solutions. In order to keep up with the latest trends and developments, the agency had to acquire a new technological approach.

Given the fact that a wide range of activities in advertising requires fast and effective communication among internal but also external collaborators, Google cloud-system offers a suitable solution for data security and information sharing.

From a practical point of view, access to documents stored in the cloud is much easier for OGILVY employees who are often on business trips. Cloud enables them to open files on all devices like PCs, tablets, and smartphones without any time consuming copying or downloading via emails.

The Solution

The transition to Google Apps has been a global decision made by OGILVY. The first pilot of the new system was held in United Kingdom. Google Apps have proven to be a success and were quickly implemented in other countries. Overall, the transition to cloud was implemented very quickly without any major delays. This was also a result of a well-timed distribution of information about the new storage system. A hand-book for new Google Apps users was also created. The migration to Google Apps started off with an interim period of parallel operation of both email services so that users could try the new system and at the same time continue in their usual workflow.

Data security

OGILVY provides full-scale communication and strategic service for a large number of companies and often has deep insight into their internal strategies and product planning. Data therefore have to be well protected against competition and the public. Google has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for data security control. Corporate security policy for instance insists on regular changes of passwords. Two-step authentication has not yet been implemented but only depends on a global decision of OGILVY Agency.

Results and Evaluation

Gmail is used by OGILVY employees all around the world. Gtalk enables and accelerates communication across the entire agency or with customers or independent coworkers. Moreover, OGILVY employees profit from the use of Google Disk which has become a simple tool for document sharing throughout the company. Google Calendar also helps to organize the business with its many otpions – e.g. insert information about venue, equipment and other meeting details. Google Shared Contacts in Gmail account is another practical function helps considerably with the daily operations.

“Personally, I am glad that our agency has transferred to Google Apps. The effectiveness at work has been improved in many ways. Personally, I was positively surprised by the limit of 30 GB for mails and data. Document Sharing is another effective function which eliminates the need to enclose attachments or share them via other solutions. Available settings permit other collaborators to easily view and change any document. At the same time, Gmail is accessible through all platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. I am always in the loop of all news from everywhere.” Karel Smrž, Business Director, OGILVYOne


What issues did the company deal with?

  • Inability to keep up with innovations and new trends
  • Insufficient data security
  • Non-effective internal operational system

Which solution was chosen?

  • Introduction of shared documents
  • Permission for different user groups
  • Mobile access to all documents
  • Shared calendars

What were the results?

  • Increased effectiveness of internal processes
  • All data are always available for all involved parties

“My team in OGILVYOne supports the innovations and welcomes any new trends. We are technology geeks and therefore introduction of Google Documents is all but an obstacle for us. We may access documents from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Documents are always up-to-date and do not have to be looked up in your e-mails.” Karel Smrž, Business Director, OGILVYOne