How Webmium tested Google vs MSFT

When Google Apps return to the office

Consider a start-up founded six years ago inside a traditional company creating websites. A group of enthusiasts works on an interesting project, implements Google Apps ‒ and soon, the start up takes over the whole firm. That changes everything…for the better. Since Google Apps is obviously a smart choice for a company that needs to communicate as effectively as possible, everything is going great until, due to external reasons, the company switches to a competing solution, Office 365. But the story does not end there.

After only two month, the employees’ discontent with the new provider reaches the top. And that is the moment when Netmail, Google Cloud Premier Partner in the region, steps in, implementing Google Apps back to their office. So what exactly happened in Webmium? And why did the firm need Netmail to put things straight?

As Martin, a 29 year-old CTO, confirms, Webmium switched to Office 365, because they got the offer and they had already been using their Microsoft Azure. They expected everything to be more or less the same, although they were not particularly keen on the change…

So when it turned out that implementing Office 365 was a step back and the firm decided to go back to Google Apps, Jan Mlček, Webmium Sales Director, explains why they contacted Netmail: The choice for Netmail was an easy one. We needed to have it done as soon as possible and that´s why we chose someone we knew we could trust…

The Webmium management simply understood that in today's world where everything is online, carrying out every-day tasks must be as comfortable as possible for all the employees. And that is something that Google can easily do.

Benefits? Availibility, security, cost, control

Webmium currently employs 60 disabled people working from home – mainly marketing advisers and website managers. Before working for Webmium, they used only email, Word and Excel. With Google Apps, all employees were keen to learn, which went very smoothly. They soon started to take the user's comfort for granted, since they hadn't had any bad experience. However, after switching to the competitor, they openly said they did not like the fact that their work became significantly more difficult.

Tereza Kuliševová, Webmium Team Manager with 3 years worth of experience in the field, remembers especially how fast it was to “operate the Google system”: For example, using my email. I could very easily find anything in the history of my conversations, I never had to spend time on it… I am really glad Google is coming back to our office now, I definitely missed Hangouts.

Tereza just correctly named one of the main benefits of Google Apps – their availability. But their popularity does not rest only on the fact they are indisputably very user friendly. Google is the leader in the area of online tools development as well as in the work with data – and according to a number of Webmium managers, quick and easy data search not only within emails, but also documents has always been essential for their employees´ daily work, and therefore for the managers´ decision to implement Google Apps back in. Now, all of them can once again enjoy all of the functions Google has to offer – nonstop.

“When more people are working with one online document, it is easy to get to it, no extra steps needed, ” says Jan. “What is the best thing about it is that it can be opened by more than one person at the same time, without mutual blocking. Right now, two thirds of our people are working in different parts of the country. They couldn’t do without immediate sharing of all the material. You see, online apps are our only option. “
All these easily accessible functions without reoccurring errors are logically connected to another benefit of the given platform – its costs.

As Martin further explains: With Google Apps, we never needed IT in the house. The absence of an IT professional who would have to deal with the employees´ problems on a daily basis naturally leads to significant cost cuts. And let´s not forget the time that the employees do not have to spend waiting for a potential repair. “Time is money” applies twice as much here.

The Webmium management have also limitless control over all activities in the cloud – not only in the sense that the platform does exactly what it is supposed to without crashing. What is equally important is that the management have all the services under strong supervision. Plus, administrating employees’ accounts is so easy that literally anyone can do it, not only a heavily trained IT person.

And how can we simply describe Google Apps from the point of view of the employees, the people who matter the most in this case?

As reliable and perfectly functional.

That is exactly the reason why we can just follow a unique, and therefore a very interesting case of a company that implemented Google Apps, but for various reasons wanted to, or were made to, experiment. Now, after Netmail helped Webmium to smoothly migrate back to Google Apps, the company agreed that this was exactly what they had been looking for in terms of efficiency, speed, and comfort.
As Bohuslav Dohnal, Managing Director of Netmail, puts it: Simply said, Google and other platforms have similar options, what is different is the user experience. It always depends on the client how they want to do it – the hard way, or the easy way…