We will help you manage:

And monitor your infrastructure
Incident Management and prevention
And optimise performance
Your cloud bill and Cost efficiency
Complex upgrades or changes

revolgy Managed Services

Focus on the core of your business operations and let Revolgy be an extension of your Operations team. We will partner with you to continuously maintain your public cloud in every aspect, whether it is:

“We work continuously on our skills and certifications, building experience to be sure that we will solve any issue that will appear.“

Tomáš Kryst - Operations TL, revolgy

Incident Management

Advanced monitoring tooling and 24/7/365 access to cloud experts, will ensure the availability and performance of your critical cloud infrastructure. You will benefit from customised monitoring and response, tailored to the individual needs with fast, expert response and robust processes when the unexpected occurs.

Around-the-clock support

Our technical support professionals are available 24/7/365 for quick and effective issue resolution and support.

Nothing will surprise you anymore

We will collaborate with you on a ‘Playbook’ to define and resolve potential problems with full RCA for high severity incidents.

Customised solution for your infrastructure

We’ll define the optimal monitoring and response strategy after understanding your infrastructure from application down.

Operations Management

We provide long-term and complete management, with continuous cooperation for enhanced planning, managing and optimization of critical and complex cloud environments. You get direct access to the best cloud tools, automation and collaboration of cloud experts 24/7/365.

We will always be in touch with you

Your named Customer Success Manager will coordinate escalations, help ensure technical issue resolution and focus on account operations.

All aligned with your business objectives

Regularly scheduled account reviews to help ensure everything is in alignment with your current and future business objectives and goals.

Latest upgrades and features installed

We proactively provide recommendations on security, availability, performance and cost based on latest industry best practices.

Finance Operations

Many organisations experience , “cloud creep” and “shadow IT” quickly leading to inflated and hard-to-manage costs. Revolgy FinOps delivers cost management tooling for deep insight into your Cloud usage delivering enhanced cost optimization governance, recommendations and policies, helping you better understand, action and control your Cloud costs.

Know exactly for what you pay

We will prepare and review with you detailed reporting of monthly spend-to-date per Cloud account, service and cost center.

Increase budget control

Establish budgets per Cloud account, service or cost centre tag, and receive alerts when costs deviate or your budget is exceeded.

Pay only for what you use

Good governance leads to good optimization. We will identify the idle, unused, misaligned and out-of-date resources.

Is your infrastructure really secure? Run a quick DevSecOps assessment.

revolgy approach

Day to day management and cooperation

Operations is not about delivering and leaving. We will work continuously on your infrastructure, so it is ready for your growing customer base and new workloads, reflecting the latest cloud technologies.

Incidents solved within minutes

If there is no space for infrastructure downtime, we will cover your back 24/7/365 and the most critical incidents will be handled at maximum of 15 minutes with agreed response time SLA.

Optimal monitoring and response strategy

We will collaborate with you to define the optimal monitoring and response strategy along with your own “Playbook” to pre-define and govern our actions and escalations in the event of the unexpected.

Complete Service Stack

A long-term partnership is important to us. That is why we always try to get to know your infrastructure and business perfectly and why we designed our ‘stackable’ services.

Based on the technologies you currently use, your requirements for technical and operational improvements and long-term plans and goals, we will design your individual Service Stack together. It will be tailored to fully meet the needs of you and your customers. And if your situation changes? No problem, we will re-organise your stack of services accordingly anytime.

revolgy is here for you, contact us.