We are here for you, whether you:

want to assess your current architecture
want to build a new infrastructure
migrate from on-premise
want to prepare a tailor made workshop
need a training on high expertise topics

revolgy Professional Services

Whether you are starting a cloud project from scratch or you have already started and want to be sure that nothing will surprise you? We will firstly evaluate your current architecture and infrastructure, define the areas which are the most important for your business. Subsequently, our experienced architects, engineers and project managers design tailor-made solutions along with a range of other activities according to your requirements.

"Our goal is to fully understand your business and then build the solution around it with the ability to scale in the future."

Rudolf Krňoul - Delivery Cloud Engineer

Cloud Architect

It’s critical that cloud environments are selected and architected from the beginning according to the needs of your workloads, but also in the next phases of use as your solutions grow and scale. Well architected application infrastructure means zero technical debt and ability to take full advantage of all the benefits that cloud has to offer. Revolgy’s Cloud Architect offer will empower you with industry-best architecture focused on cost and performance efficiency, reliability, security and scalability.

Avoid mistakes from the beginning

We will gather all your requirements, current status and your future business goals, so we can plan the architecture that will be able to grow with you.

Predict your future cloud spend

We provide an estimate of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your infrastructure, so you can predict how your spending scales even before deployment.

Secured deployment designs

Having reliable CI/CD pipelines for your applications in place enables you to have full control over your development and deployment process.

Cloud Build

Convert your planned architecture into infrastructure as code to speed up and increase the quality of your operations. Revolgy Cloud Build with our certified Cloud engineers will help with converting, testing and verifying your unique configuration prior to handover to you.

Fully managed and tracked project

A named Project Manager serves as a single point of contact and escalation for tracking project deliverables, risks and timelines to ensure successful project completion.

Collaborative Engineering

Our approach to solution provisioning enables you to have full control and access to the infrastructure source code and git repositories as well as the cloud infrastructure account.

Gain in-house knowledge

We can also work with you to create and operate Playbooks to manage, respond and escalate any incidents within your team before they become major issues.

Cloud Migrate

Faster time to value. Revolgy has migrated hundreds of companies from on-premise into Cloud environment and we adapt this collective experience to your business needs. Revolgy helps you quickly gain the benefits of cloud with migration from on-premise infrastructure or another, existing cloud environment. We will do the heavy lifting moving your workload to a fully optimised environment.

Migration tailored to your workloads

No two migration projects are the same. Our approach is tailored to the specifics of your application and your business requirements.

Full transparency

We are constantly available to you and keep you updated every step of the way via your preferred channels, e.g. Collaboration Documents, Slack or Google Meet.

Fully managed process

Revolgy take care of the end to end process, including the exact steps needed to be taken for a successful migration are documented and agreed with you in advance.

Professional Services

Cooperate with our highly-skilled cloud Architects, Engineers and Project Managers with deep expertise facilitating cloud deployments, advanced cloud operational support and optimisation, SRE and DevOps methodologies. Revolgy Professional Services can be customised to your specific needs whether assessment, training and workshops or specialist contribution to your projects.

Deep Expertise

We are able to go deep with you on topics such as containers/Kubernetes, Development and operational methodologies like DevOps and SRE and business and technology transformations.

Assessment and Workshops

We will work closely with you and your team to understand your needs, provide the right expertise and deliver the required outcome. Your team will gain the competence to solve all the problems.

Enhanced Operational Management

We can provide you with fully customised operational management resources and capabilities that go beyond current Revolgy Services. Let us know what you need to solve.

Workshops and assessments:

Monitoring and Operational Review (DevOps and SRE)

Cloud Maturity Assessment

Application Modernisation Review and Plan

Innovation and growth Assessment

Security Review and Planning

Cloud Billing Analysis

Compliance Assistance

Strong infrastructure with:

Continuous cooperation

We do not deliver and leave. We want to be valuable partners for the long haul and work with you continuously on your infrastructure, security and finance operations so you can maximise the potential of your cloud solutions.

Consultative approach

Revolgy Architects adopt a consultative approach to gather your requirements and produce a detailed design of your customised technical solution. Typically this includes a review of your overall cloud strategy and your key business drivers.

Preparation for future workloads

Our consultative approach makes sure that we will know about your future plans and goals. We will work with you to meet your requirements in the future leaving you to focus on scaling your business.


Once you will have any ideas for improvement, need assistance or just a need for in-house knowledge, we will be there for you. Our flexible services will never lock you in. They are ready to help any time you will need.

Complete Service Stack

A long-term partnership is important to us. That is why we always try to get to know your infrastructure and business perfectly and why we designed our ‘stackable’ services.

Based on the technologies you currently use, your requirements for technical and operational improvements and long-term plans and goals, we will design your individual Service Stack together. It will be tailored to fully meet the needs of you and your customers. And if your situation changes? No problem, we will re-organise your stack of services accordingly anytime.

revolgy is here for you, contact us.