How to transfer your current Google Workspace account?

With revolgy its easy. We will guide you through 4 simple steps.

First, we need to understand what you want to achieve. Is it remote working, or is it seamless document sharing? We will go through you requirements and your current setup. Then we we can really understand your case help you achieve it.

1. Get to know each other.

2. We will ask you what are you missing with your current tool and we will ask in detail what the ideal solution should be.

3. We will show you how you can solve the struggles with Google Workspace or our other related services.

After we will agree on a joint cooperation and the goal for which we will work, We can create you the Google Workspace account with very few inputs from your side:

1. We will share with you our Agreement via PandaDoc.

2. Everything is done and signed digitally and the process doesn't take more than 5 minutes

Account creation is matter of minutes. All is done within MyServices portal, where you will be invited after signing the Agreement.


First, you need to copy our Reseller ID and go to your Google Admin Console.


Place our Reseller ID into dedicated field.


Copy the Transfer token from Admin Console and place it into dedicated field in MyServices.


Fill in all the necessary company informations.


Pick the payment method. You can add your credit card or prefer a bank transfer.

Everything is set and you can start working. We will provide you all informations also via email and within MyServices, where you can always get in touch with us. If we will agree on further cooperation, we will just set up the communication channels, and we can start the project.

Do you have any further questions? Get in touch with us: