Google Cloud and Revolgy


We are a proud Google Cloud Premier Partner with a specialization in Infrastructure and Work Transformation.


We connect with the best, so we can serve you best.


Find out more about Revolgy Infrastructure specialization!

Infrastructure specialization

Thanks to this specialization we are certified to help you with any GCP use case.

Whether you want to build new app, migrate your infrastructure to the cloud or get the most out of your current infrastructure, we are here for your and ready to help.

We can also be your ambassadors at Google.

What can we help you with?

Build tailored infrastructure for your new app

We will help you to build an infrastructure that fits well both with your app and your business needs.

Migrate your infrastructure to the cloud

Our team of certified experts will lift it and shift it for you and make sure the process is seamless and secure.

Leverage the most out of your current cloud solution

It doesn’t end with the migration, revolgy can help you leverage all the benefits of your cloud infrastructure.

Management of your current infrastructure 24/7

We will take care of your infrastructure and let you focus on what’s really important for your business.

Companies we already helped with the cloud infrastructure

"We saw the benefits very clearly for the first time, when the tickets for Ed Sheeran's concerts went on sale."

Vojtěch Knyttl - CTO, GoOut

What’s in it for you?

Talk to a real person who understands you.

Talking to a big corporation is... ok. But talking to an actual human, in your native language and the same time zone is something else. Get 8/5 or 24/7 support.

Be ahead of your competition.

We know the right people. That’s why we can get you discounts and send you valuable information from Google way before your competition learns about it.

Pay as you wish. Credit card or bank transfer. With an extended due date.

Dealing with billing can be a pain. We can help you with that.

Get free credits for your projects.

So you can play around.

Get quarterly health check of your architecture.

So you don’t waste money on that overpriced machine you didn’t even know you had.

Get tailor-made workshops about cloud-related topics.

So that you can have the knowledge you need in-house.

Download our free whitepaper and learn the pros and cons of the most commonly used Google serverless technologies.

GCP products we specialize in:

Network Services

Cloud VPC

Cloud VPN

Cloud NAT

Cloud CDN

Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud Interconnect

Cloud DNS

Network Service Tiers


Cloud IAM

Cloud Security Command Center

Cloud Identity

Cloud Key Management Service

Compute Platforms

Compute Engine

Kubernetes Engine

Persistent Disk

Monitoring & Logging


Infrastructure management

Cloud Foundation Toolkit or Cloud Deployment Manager