G Suite is changing to Workspace. In our webinar, you will learn what this change means, how it will affect you and how to best use it to your advantage.

If you have G Suite in your company, you are probably wondering: "What exactly will change for us with Google Workspace?", "There is many types of subscription, which one is the best for my business?" and many many more questions. No worries, we invited our Miro (CEO), Bob (Founder) and Jakub (Cloud Specialist), who combine more than 18 years of experience with Google cloud business solutions to guide you through this transition. We have prepared the webinar mainly for G Suite administrators, but if you are "just" curious, watch it too.

What will you learn?

I'm on G Suite subscription X, what is the best option for me?

We will compare existing G Suite subscriptions vs new Google Workspace subscriptions from shoes of existing users.

What is the change about? Just brand or more.

We will explain product change and what it means for you" Because it is not only "new branding

What action is required from my side as existing user?

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