With the help of our implementation partner Revolgy, we’re already on our way towards becoming a completely new bank.

Carl Rossey, COO, Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Foundations you can build a modern and strong company on

Forget Outlook, Lotus or freemail clients. We bring you G Suite - a solution for communication, sharing and teamwork with unlimited storage capacity accessible through your smartphone wherever you need it.

New technology makes our lives easier if we can accept it. And that is what we excell at. Migration to G Suite will be a pleasant experience ‒ we will move your data, connect G Suite to applications that you are using and we will train you to use every last feature of G Suite. We are here for you!

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Google is a cloud. Data analysis, virtual servers, storage, containers or machine learning. Nothing for princesses.

There is nothing you cannot do in a cloud. Our experience with lift & shift migration confirms that. When you are in cloud, we will not only plan but also execute your migration from monolithic architecture to microservices. Docker, Kubernetes, API, REST or RPC we serve as you say so.

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installing Windows updates (1 of 79)... Seriously? Chromebook is never that stressfull.. It takes seconds to launch and you can use apps for both Windows and Android.

If you opt for the Chromebook at your company, we will teach you how to lock your device in case it gets lost or stolen, how to preinstall your apps, set up a VPN, connect to Active Directory, and where to manage all 140 Chrome policies. It sounds like a job for an entire IT team, but it really isn't. Tou realy don't have to bother with it. Leave it to us.

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The numbers are implacable. 85% of the smartphone market is taken by Android. Corporate IT is no exception and we can tame Android to serve your business needs.

Private app distribution to your sales or technical staff? Solved! Control over the access to the company's data? Solved! Separating personal and company data? Solved! Or just wiping clean a lost smartphone? Also solved! We know Android and we know our way around.

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Why us?

Our customers point out the following reasons:

  • Google Certified

    We are certified Google pratner since 2009, and their Premier Partner today.

    In 2013, we received Google EMEA Special Contribution Award.

    We are proud to provide this recognition to Revolgy, who has consistently demonstrated sales, deployment and support excellence to our customers throughout 2013.

    Mark Hodgson, Head of Global Partner Programs at Google
  • Amazon certified

  • Regional Distributor

    Our services follow the highest standard of local market. With our support and client portal, you will have full control over the management of applications related to Google Cloud.

  • 24/7 Online Support

    As a premium partner, Revolgy can offer Google Cloud’s high-calibre services offering, which includes enhanced technical support, proactive communication, advice and consultancy for G Suite.

    A dedicated Customer Success Manager from Revolgy will oversee the delivery of each of these elements to ensure the customer has the best possible G Suite experience.

  • Personal Approach

    Team of 25 highly qualified and certified specialists will pay maximum attention to you during our cooperation. It is not uncommon for us to surpass the expectations of our clients - take a look at our references and find out for yourself.