Are you interested in the world of technology? Would you like to work for a Czech company that inspires businesses across Europe to streamline their organisations? We believe that technologies help companies make their work simpler and more pleasurable.

We endeavour to only spend as much time at work as may be necessary to achieve specific objectives. We aim to offer long-term contracts that involve 60-70% of a typical full-time job time commitment. As a result, all of us have enough free time for themselves, their hobbies, family or simply relaxation.

In Revolgy, we have joined hands to create a friendly and pleasant working environment, nurturing a culture of openness and honesty – we say what we think, and do what we say.

Are you interested in any of these vacancies?

Drop us a line at, attach your resumé and a few words explaining why we should add you to our team, or your whole life story if you wish.

Would you like to work for us, but haven't found a suitable position here? No worries! Send us an email anyways. We are always on the lookout for new talents to join our team - today will be tomorrow’s yesterday, after all, so give it a try!