Services you can rely on

We have been working with Google Cloud for seven years and we know it through and through. Successfully finished projects provided us not only with necessary technical skills, but also gave us experience in many other aspects, such as security, regulatory, or operational facets . We will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

Lift & Shift migration

Do you have apps that you want to run in cloud? We use a tested method of app migration from current state mapping > pilot tests & validation > data migration > app migration > cloudify. Linux or Windows, simple or complex - try us!

API & Microservices

From API design and definition to API Solution Management in Google Cloud. Plus migration from monolithic apps to microservices. We know how to combine both to make your app more flexible and reliable in every aspect.

Big Data processing

Whether it is a backend for mobile apps, IoT devices, or logs processing from various systems, thanks to the services such as Cloud Storage, DataFlow, or BigQuery, we will design an ideal system of continuous saving and subsequent processing of the data flow.

Windows in Cloud

Google Cloud is fully compatible with Windows environment. We provide operational services for Windows Server 2008/2012/2016, MS SQL Server, or ASP.NET implementation with an extensive support of Visual Studio and PowerShell environment. Ask for your non-binding estimate of the operational cost and you'll be surprised.