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Revolgy Migration (or implementation, if you will) is our flagship service, which has been tested by hundreds of companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The migration projects is the beginning of our cooperation.


Whether it is migration of your data from Exchange, Lotus Notes, Sharepoint or Linux server, we know how to do it. The technical aspect is the basic part and we provide a proper Change Management on top of that, so that your company can feel pampered. When?, who?, what?, why? and where? ‒ these are the key questions we will answer for you and we will make sure that the information reaches every single cell of your company. We pride ourselves on the long list of successful projects, which provided us with feedback showing that we really know what we are doing.


G Suite must fit the current structure of your company and work with other systems. Active Directory/LDAP, Single-sign-on (SSO), CRM, DMS? These, as well as other technologies may be configured with G suite as necessary. And if you have your own tailored system, we know how to use all the Google APIs to your satisfaction.


You don't need to be a rocket scientist to manage G Suite. However, having a specialist who knows the the system through and through often proves to be helpful. You can address any requests, no matter how complex to our Ask Team, which is there for you 24/7. You focus on your business and we make sure that G Suite never lets you down.

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Apps Script

Simple, yet extremely efficient process automation that enables us to improve G Suite in ways that would seem impossible to others.. Attachment processing, external database data loading and a range of other automations are just waiting for you to give the order. As soon as we create Apps Script for you, our Ask Team will provide you with full user support.